About Us

As a company, we continue to serve the needs of our clients and the construction industry with a leadership team dedicated to the same principles the company was founded on – while working with many of the same clients that helped us get to where we are today. We’re not focused on simply increasing volume; rather, our focus is on increasing our client base with clients who share similar ethics and assembling the best construction team in our region. We do that by building projects that matter and create opportunities to make the community a better place for us all.

Professional and Expert Roofing Contractor

After +15 years of experience in the field of construction, remodeling, purchase and sale of real estate, the founders decided to focus all their focus on a solid company, that is when Up Constructions was born, a young company that began its operations on October 5, 2021.

It has +50 experts and committed in the aforementioned areas and dedicated to providing the best work for customer satisfaction.

Certified Company​
Satisfied Guaranteed​
Precise Builder
Excellence Support

Our Core Values

All our work is carried out by professionals, experts in each area and delivered with a high dose of passion for the satisfaction of our clients. 
Values ​​that characterize us

Qualified Experts

We are a team made up of experts and professionals with +10 years of experience in the area.


Every second counts. 
Taking our work seriously allows us to manage time efficiently.

Cost effectiveness

We get the most out of our clients’ investment, giving them a favorable return for life.

15+ Years Experience in Constructions & Services