Construction projects are often categorized based on their scale, the types of structures being built, and the purpose of the project (also called “end use” or “land use”). Broadly, there are six types of construction projects: residential, commercial, institutional, mixed-use, industrial, and heavy civil.

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The diversity of our projects can be found in your neighborhoods, where you work and in the heart of community redevelopment centers. We’ve worked on local elementary, middle and high schools; a multi-purpose athletic center; and fire stations that are critical to public safety

Anna Patricia​​

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Commercial Roofing

Built-Up Flat Roof Installation

A built-up roof, most of the time referred to as BUR, is a time-tested roofing system typically comprised of hot tar and gravel.

“hanks to the layers, BUR roofs are great insulators. They can save you money on energy because they are very good at keeping your hot or cold air inside.”​

John Allison​

After Storm Damage

Wood Shake Roof Repair

Wood shakes and wood shingles are manufactured from western red cedar, cypress, pine, and redwood trees. Shakes are split from logs and reshaped by manufacturers for commercial use.

“Wood shingles are sawn on both sides and have an even taper and uniform thickness.”​

Edward B. Suarez​

Residential Roofing

Shingle Roof Replacement​

With years of experience, our team of experts knows how to take care of your residential or commercial roofing needs.

“When a wood shake roof is beyond repair and replacement is the only option, special care must be taken to properly remove and dispose of the old roofing.”​

Alicia Potter​

Commercial Roofing

Commercial Skylight Installation

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Kevin Clark​