Some of the most common services they provide include drafting blueprints and designs, providing materials such as concrete or wood.


As a full service company, we take responsibility for the daily supervision of the construction site as well as the management of vendors. We also maintain an open line of communication between all parties for the duration of the project.


Pre-construction Planning

Finding the right location, negotiating the lease, and setting up a plan for construction can be a stressful and daunting process.


Architectural Design

We offer design solutions that focus on creating a unique environment while also understanding our client’s operational needs and goals.


Construction Management

Our track record of successful project management has been built by the teams that are assembled right from the beginning and consistently involved throughout the project.


Industrial Works.

We are specialists in the service of industrial facilities, covering the following activities:

Industrial maintenance.
Industrial mechanical assemblies.
Supply of industrial materials.
PVC Roofing​
Commercial Skylight​


Residential Architecture.

The civil works executed by Construcpro,LLC include the areas of equipment mobilization, earth movement, construction of buildings, urban planning and construction, and complementary concrete works.

Architectural Design.
Removal of vegetal layer and episoil.​
Excavation and filling in soil and rock.
Management of loans and excavation of quarries.
Construction of dikes and earth and rock dams in.
Underwater excavations for diversion of riverbeds.​

Our Working Process​



We hold the meetings that are necessary to fully understand the needs and ideas of our clients.



We present one or several proposals based on what was agreed in the meetings and according to the requirements of the project.



Let’s do it!. Once the proposal is approved, we take advantage of every second working to materialize the ideas of our clients.



Follow-up of the finished work for a determined period of time. We accompany our clients in their new property.

Here’s What Our Client Say About Us​

“Our first impression was very satisfactory, first of all because of the budget, since it meant a great saving in comparison with the other budgets that the builder offered us. On the other hand, we liked the modern style of his facilities, and we understood that they would know how to express our concerns. And so it was, in a short time we had a sketch of what would be (and is) our home.”​

Anna Patricia​

Manager of Finance Consultant​

Regarding the care provided, I can assure you that they have always had impeccable care. 
They are attentive and very reliable in terms of deadlines. 
They have not overlooked a detail, and they have listened to us whenever it has been necessary (which have been many times)…

John Allison​

CEO of Manufacture Company​

Based on our personal experience, we can recommend their services without a doubt, not only for their extreme professionalism but also for their great involvement before, during and after the execution of the house.

Alicia Potter​

Graphic Designer​

They are a magnificent company. 
Whenever I called them they resolved my doubts and they are very attentive. 
They are very good people and very professional. 
I definitely recommend it to everyone. 
They definitely deserve a 10.

Edward B. Suarez​

Song Writer​